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Carpeting and Flooring for Commercial Applications

When buying carpeting, flooring or blinds for commercial applications, a customer should use a company that understands the needs they have.

Cotswold Edge Carpet is a family run business that has been operating for over 35 years. The company has more than enough experience in providing quality products for all business customers in Cotswold, Gloucester, and the South West.

Commercial Carpeting and Flooring

Buying commercial Carpeting and flooring requires careful consideration. For customers who don’t know what to look for, the specialists at Cotswold Edge Carpets can provide suitable recommendations. The company provides some of the best products in the UK. There are different available ranges that offer unlimited selections for customers. Businesses can find carpets and flooring options that provide the best environment for workers and clients.


Suitability is one of the essentials when buying carpet and flooring for business, and the company excels at providing it. Various business settings require different types of carpeting. For instance, carpets for a hospital need to be safety-conscious than, say carpets that one would buy for a hotel. It is essential to consider if the carpeting will be for a wet area, high traffic section, or parts with exposure to chemicals or harsh weather. Cotswold Edge understands how crucial it is to match carpets/flooring to their surroundings and provide products that suit various environments.

Good Quality

Cotswold Edge Carpets offer quality carpets for different business applications. High standards are at the top of the list when buying carpet for a commercial setting. Carpets are part of the image that companies portray to people. If it’s a restaurant, good quality carpets will reflect a great impression on customers. At Cotswold Edge, there are first class carpets that will elevate any standards a business portrays to visitors.

Design Choices

Carpets for business settings come in different styles and this company some unique designs that customers can choose from. The company has products that meet different aesthetic needs for carpeting and flooring in a business setting. Customers that already have specific designs in mind can look through the gallery to see if they are available. For someone who is still considering options, these specialists can aid in finding a suitable style and colour.

After Sales Services

Buying carpets and flooring for a business does not end with the completion of the purchase. Cotswold Edge Carpets provide customer services in case a problem comes up after a sale. The company offers specialist fitting services for customers that require them. Carpet cleaning is also one of the services on offer. Maintaining carpeting in a workplace is hard work, and some products necessitate special cleaning techniques.

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  • An appointment was made for Nick Taylor to visit our offices and give a quotation for the works which he did so in a professional and prompt manner. Not only was he on time and well presented, but he was also a nice bloke and very flexible with commencement dates. Pete arrived on the day and completed the works in an excellent format. He too was pleasant, friendly, and well-spoken and promoted the company image well. The works were completed with minimal fuss and disturbance and in only a few hours. All evidence that he had been here were gone when he left and we were left with an excellent all round job which we were extremely satisfied with. I would not hesitate to recommend Cotswold Edge Carpets for any flooring or carpeting works and hope their business continues to flourish.

    Lorraine Taylor
  • Nick and the team at Cotswold Edge fitted carpets and vinyl to our new home over ten years ago and whilst they were guaranteed for only 7 years they looked as good as the day they were put down. Unfortunately, we suffered a water leak and had to replace the carpets. We had no thoughts of using another provider, as Nick and the team have a professional fitting service, quality workmanship and carpets that lasted well beyond what we expected. Highly recommended.

    David Veal

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